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Session Choices

This is used for relaxation..Relax, de-stress, release tension and leave refreshed!

Neuromuscular Therapy
Deep tissue massage, reactivates muscles that are not working properly giving you more range of motion and decreased pain.

This modality is preformed on the floor, and you will be fully clothed. Focuses on
removing energy blockages along meridians in the body to restore normal flow and leaving you feeling peaceful.

Trigger Point Therapy
This modality gets the knots out of tight muscles and increases range of motion, decreases pain and gives you an overall good feeling. Point specific this
 therapy is often used with neuromuscular 

Sports Massage
This  modality is used mainly for those with sports injuries or those who are training for a sporting event. Wraps and compresses are used with this therapy
 to allow for faster recovery.
Prenatal Massage
For mommies to be! Relax tight back muscles and relief for aching feet. This can help you feel better and relaxed!

 Facial (Add-On)
This can be added to your massage or just done alone. Depending on the type of facial you pick it can exfoliate and give your face an uplifted feeling!

This modality is done on the feet. There are points on your feet that correspond to areas and organs in your body. It is said that manipulating these points can help the corresponding areas of your body.

60 Minute or 90 Minute Sessions Available

1002 West Drake Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Purchase Packages in Advance!

3 - 60 minute sessions $165
3 - 90 minute sessions $240
5 - 60 minute sessions $250
5 - 90 minute sessions $375


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